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  1. Millennial Disabled Woman Ramps Her Voice: Lauren

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    RYV Interview Series Graphic - Lauren

    Our final interview for the millennial disabled woman series comes from a close friend of mine, Lauren.  I met Lauren on social media two years ago, and I have been amazed at how much we have in common.  Lauren has a very positive, outgoing personality that is infectious and appreciated on those days that you need a Sisterfriend.  Lauren’s take on being disabled, female, and of color was one that I had to have for this special series, and I am elated that she took the time to share her story with my readers.


  2. Ramp Your Voice! Turns 1!!!!

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    Birthday Cupcake with Candle 1

    Today marks the one-year anniversary of the creation of Ramp Your Voice!  This day is one of the best days of my life – it marks the date that I decided to starting living my dream, and fulfilling my purpose.

    On today, I plan to reflect on this incredible journey I have embarked on.  It has been amazing how an idea I had to promote self-advocacy and empowerment for not only myself, but my fellow disability advocates.  This has truly been a blessing that I pray that will grow as time goes on.

    If you are on social media, drop a line & follow us on the Ramp Your Voice!’s Facebook, Twitter (@RampYourVoice), and Tumblr pages, celebrating this incredible day.

    Use the following hashtags in your shout-outs:  #RYVturns1  #RYV1Year  #Happy1YearRYV

    Thank you everyone who has been supporting Ramp Your Voice! since day one, and have joined the movement.  Let’s keep the momentum going in year two!


    If you would like to make a contribution to Ramp Your Voice! to celebrate the one-year launch, please make your checks or money orders out to me, Vilissa Thompson, and send them to the following address:

    Ramp Your Voice!
    Vilissa Thompson
    P.O. Box 1286
    Winnsboro, SC 29180

    (Featured headlining image:  Courtesy of Levo League.)

  3. Reflections of Launching a Disability Rights & Advocacy Organization: RYV’s Turning 1

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    Reflection 1

    On Saturday, July 19th, Ramp Your Voice! will be turning 1!  Launching a disability rights and advocacy organization has brought me incredible new connections, lessons, and new insight on how I view myself as a disabled woman of color.  I wanted to use this post as a “Year of Reflections” of my journey in creating RYV!, and highlight what you all can expect to come in the second year.


  4. Millennial Disabled Woman Ramps Her Voice: Whitney

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    RYV Interview Series Graphic - Whitney

    This week, we have another millennial disabled woman ramping her voice about living with a disability, and how she views herself and her identities.  Whitney is a late-20something I was connected with by a former high school classmate.  Whitney strikes me as a true woman on-the-go, and the fact that she is a helping professional like myself definitely allowed us to connect on that level.  Whitney was gracious enough to give some of her time to be interviewed for the series, and I am thankful for her telling her story to the RYV! readers.


  5. Millennial Disabled Woman Ramps Her Voice: Bree

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    RYV Interview Series Graphic - Bree 2

    To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Ramp Your Voice! this month, I decided to reach out to the millennial disabled women I know, and ask them to share their disABILITY story.  The responses I received were amazing; everyone was excited about sharing their empowering story for the special series, and I was elated to have their participation.

    For the first installment of the “Millennial Woman Ramps Her Voice” series, I interviewed Bree, a fellow Millennial disabled woman of color I follow on social media.  Bree is one of the few disabled women of color I have gotten to know through social media, and I am so thankful that she gave a bit of her time for the series.