Summertime 2015, Disabled Style

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Summertime has come in with a bang by bringing the extreme heat and leaving us to find ways to stay cool and have fun.

For many of us, the summertime allows us to “recharge” – take vacations, visit friends and family, and partake in outdoor activities we enjoy such as reading a good book under the shade, watching a baseball game, or taking a trip to the amusement park.  Though some of us may not have the wherewithal to do it all, the season gives us the opportunity to focus on our interests, as well as brainstorm what we would like to achieve within the last six months of the year.

With the exception of the extreme heat, summer has always been my favorite season.  Summer marks the time when I can sit outside on the porch and read, nature and people watch, and not have to wear much clothing (tank tops, shorts, and flip flops are my mandatory summer attire).  I love how the sun makes a longer appearance in the evenings, and seeing the fireflies buzz around when the sun settles for the day.


Me with my caricature at a wedding reception this past weekend.

Summertime 2015 has a lot in store for me:  I will be turning 30 in September; currently in the thick of my law school and moving planning processes; beginning to work on new projects; awaiting the arrival of my friends’ babies, including my first Godson; and a few wedding and birthday celebrations to attend, which will allow me to see those whom I have missed dearly.  This is a hectic time, but also an exciting and joyous one.  This is the first summer where I have truly felt the blossoming effect of the season, for both myself and those I know.  Summertime is also when I make and take more time for myself – self-care is indeed a priority, and I do what I can to soak up every ounce the season affords me.

Final Thoughts

I am eager to know the summertime plans my readers and supporters have for the season.  Whatever is on your summer bucket list, share with me!  No matter what you may do over the next two months, please be safe and make wonderful memories.

(Featured headlining image:  Courtesy of StockSnap.io.)

About Vilissa Thompson, LMSW

Vilissa is the Founder & CEO of Ramp Your Voice!, an organization she created to establish herself as a Disability Rights Consultant & Advocate. Ramp Your Voice! is a prime example of how macro-minded Vilissa truly is, and her determination to leave a giant "tire track mark" on the world.

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