Disability and Religion

  1. Letter to Pope Francis: My Disability Is Not for You to Objectify

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    Over the weekend, I came across a post written by my friend David Perry regarding a tweet Pope Francis shared that mentioned disability.  The Pope released a key paper that discussed love, marriage and family on Friday, April 8th.  Within the document, there are several mentions of disability, and what I have read of these excerpts were problematic in many regards.  The manner in which disability is referenced in the tweet and within the document disturbed me to the point that I voiced my concerns on social media, and a friend of mine suggested that I write a letter to the Pope about my stance and what I would like the Pope to understand about disability.  

    It took about 30 minutes to draft such a letter.  I referenced the tweet specifically because it had over 9.000 retweets and over 24,000 likes in a matter of days; such a wide reach demonstrates the notability Pope Francis has and how his words possesses great power to influence the way we see each other – in this case, the way disability is perceived within and outside of the family unit.