Disability and Technology

  1. Apps & Disability: Call for Action to Learn How Tech Improves the Lives of PWDs

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    Being someone who enjoys the fact that technology makes my life, both the professional and personal aspects, easier, I thought I would ask my followers:  what apps/technology could you not live without as a disabled person?  

    On the RYV! Blog, I have covered many technologies that assist with mental health conditions, along with accessibility resources mentioned within the “Tools You Can Use” series, and have reblogged countless apps on the RYV! Tumblr page.  There are so many amazing apps that are created to assist and improve our quality of life, and be reinforcements to our health and self-care proactiveness.  

    I thought I would take a moment to ask my followers about how apps impact their lives with the hopes of compiling a modest reference list for a future blog post.