Disability in Music

  1. How “Lemonade” Empowered Me As A Black Disabled Woman

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    Lemonade 2

    Lemonade is no longer known as being the sweet and tangy beverage Southerners like myself enjoy on a hot summer day.  It is now known as being the title of the visual album Beyoncé released on Saturday night via HBO, and “Lemonade” is responsible for the social media mayhem that transpired.  Beyoncé never fails to be an original, and “Lemonade” was a true work of art that encompassed so much depth, emotions, and empowerment in less than 58 minutes.  You may be wondering, “what does Beyoncé and ‘Lemonade’ have to do with disability advocacy?”  Let me tell you:  It has EVERYTHING to do with how we view the life experiences we endure on this earth, and how we grow and learn from them.  Being a Beyoncé fan, I did not expect “Lemonade” to strike me as profoundly as it did on a personal level, or to see disability representation within it.  “Lemonade” is a short film that caused me to get on a rollercoaster ride, one that made me reminisce on moments in my life that each “chapter” spoke to.  “Lemonade” is unlike anything I have watched as a music enthusiast in a long time, and I felt that it was a creation worth discussing here.