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Mission of Ramp Your Voice!:

The mission of Ramp Your Voice! is to promote empowerment, education, inclusion, and self-advocacy for people with disabilities in South Carolina and across the United States.

Purpose of Providing a Variety of Services Educating Diverse Groups about the Disability Experience in America & Abroad:

At Ramp Your Voice!, Vilissa is committed to providing services & resources to those within the disability community, and to key stakeholders to have a vested interest in establishing a more equal and just world for the largest minority group in the nation, and worldwide.

During the first year of Ramp Your Voice!, Vilissa brainstormed what kind of impact she wants Ramp Your Voice! to have on the world.  The best way to leave an unique “tire track mark” when it comes to disability rights and advocacy is by providing a myriad of services that will educate, inform, and empower those with disabilities, and the communities we live in.

The Ramp Your Voice! services offered are an exceptional combination of Vilissa’s educational backgrounds in social work and psychology; her ambition in becoming a disability/civil rights lawyer; and her real-life experiences as a woman of color with a physical disability.  This amazing mixture of professional and personal knowledge and testimony allows Ramp Your Voice! to stand out among its competitors in the disability advocacy realm.

Ramp Your Voice! seeks to serve self-advocates; professionals  and organizations in the education, social work, mental health, advocacy, and public and private business sectors; and communities with its well-developed, easily customizable consulting, trainings, presentations, speeches, and coaching services and resources that aims to fit the needs of potential clients and entities.

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Below are the services offered by Ramp Your Voice!  Click the service link that pertains to your specific need(s) and interest(s).  If interested, please complete the form information that follows the service description in the links, and Vilissa will reach out to you, via email or phone. to respond to your request for service(s).

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If you have any questions about the services offered after reading their descriptions via the links, please don’t hesitate to contact Vilissa via email at Vilissa@rampyourvoice.com.

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